Slum Villages To Tourist Attraction


Kampung Pelangi, which were South Semarang (Indonesia) slums in the past are now a collection of homes getting much attention from tourists that visit from surrounding areas such as Jakarta now that its local government has decided to invest in it to create a more fun and inviting ambience. Who doesn’t like a blitz of vibrant colors that uplift moods. If one doesn’t know the definition of color (non English speaker), once they see pics or visit here they will remember and know this one English word too well. Residence can now experience the rainbow 365 days a year. The Kampung Pelangi¬† Village has also been an Instagram favorite!¬† This facelift has been great for the local economy. The residents are now able to sale goods to the tourists which will help them to complete other improvements in the future.

Village Painted… Time Magazine
The Tiny Rainbow Villiage… Vogue Magazine


Going On A Singapore Adventure

Let me introduce you all to Chris Raney. He gives great informative information that is much needed that will help you tremendously if you’re thinking about traveling to Singapore. That’s why I’ve chosen his videos to post on my blog. He talks about some of the strict laws which you will need to know before you travel to Singapore. Not everyone is a crook but there’s laws that you probably didn’t know even existed so to avoid heavy fines and jail time please watch. He also talks about the best ways to maneuver around Singapore and the costs associated with it as well as a wealth of other information. I will also have some other written information about Singapore below the videos.


If you would like something to do at night in Singapore then consider taking a late night safari at the world’s first wildlife park for nocturnal animals. Go on trails and view surroundings that mimic environments of the African Savanna, jungles of Southeast Asia, Himalayan foothills, and Indian subcontinent. There are more than 1,000 animals you’ll be able to encounter which include hyenas, wolves, leopards, wallabies, otters, and fishing cats. Also, there are shows included. You will be able to experience choreography of the Thumbuakar dancers or Creatures of the Night.

  • Location: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore


Also, try The Singapore Story Bus Tour. Learn about the history of Singapore and its evolution.

  • Location: DUCK & HiPPO Tourist Hub, Suntec City Shopping Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Unit #01-330

Before You Tour Las Vegas, Please Know This

Las Vegas is a popular American tourist spot and has been for decades. It is well known for its casinos and live shows. Gambling is everywhere in Vegas so if you don’t go to gamble maybe this is not the vacation spot for you. But if you like a change of scenery then maybe Las Vegas is something to considered being that it is very animated. For those that aren’t all that into gambling, let me list some places in Las Vegas and near it you should think about going to. Wolters, the guy in the youtube has suggested some of these places I’m going to list below. I’ll just write them down for you.

The Mob Museum
This museum is an American national museum that is all about teaching you how the mob shaped America. It is located at 300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101 and you can visit the official site to purchase tickets The Official Mob Museum Website

Other Things You Can Do In Vegas or Near Vegas
*You can book these tours and places by Googling them*

  • Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour – On this Tour you will get to see and learn about the Hoover Dam, Guano Point, Eagle Point, Colorado River. You will also get the opportunity to do a little hiking as well on Guano Point (the highest peak at the Rim). This tour takes approx. 12 hours
  • Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour With Landing – This is your chance to experience scenery from an aerial view. This tour is a little bit more pricier than the first tour but who cares. Its a great experience to be high in the sky viewing nature.¬† You will have commentary on these great scenes: Fortification Hill, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Colorado River, and other landmarks along the way. This tour is approx. 4 hours.
  • Exotic Racing: Customized Driving Experience: This is your chance to drive exotic cars. Approx 2 hours and 30 mins.
  • Wild West Horseback Riding Tour – Approx 6 hours
  • Admission to the Eiffel Tower Observation Deck – Approx 30 mins
  • Las Vegas has a ton of other stuff to enjoy and do like shows and performances but I just gave you a little taste of what you could do if you’re not the gambling type.

Shanghai Loves American Coffee Brand Starbucks

This Starbucks, Starbucks Reserve Roastery, in Shanghai is the largest Starbucks in the world as of December 6, 2017. Its 29,000 square feet and is staffed by a whooping 400 employees. Starbucks is so popular in China that it has 3,000 stores already up and running and plans to have 5,000 more in four years. On average, a new Starbucks store is opened every 15 hours.

Facts about Starbucks:

  • Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971
  • It has 23,768 locations worldwide
  • Stock Symbol: SBUX (Nasdaq)

Interesting facts about Shanghai:

  • Shanghai is the biggest city in China and is its biggest financial hub.
  • It’s home to the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Shanghai Tower (tallest Skyscraper in Shanghai and has the world’s highest observation deck)
  • It is home to the Shanghai World Financial Center which is the second largest Skyscraper in mainland China